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Welcome to Naturopathic Pharmacist

Are you looking for a solution to any of these health conditions?


Auto-Immune/ Inflammation

Blood Sugar and Diabetes

Food Allergies/ Sensitivities

Fatigue and headaches

Gastric and Digestion

Genetic predisposition and 23 and Me interpretation and prevention

Sex hormones imbalances including thyroid and adrenals

Joint or body pains and osteoporosis

Toxic Exposures, Candida, Infections

Weight Management

In -depth explanation of routine lab reports  and specialty labs

Achieving a healthy and balanced life requires a comprehensive but focused approach to finding the root cause of your symptoms. The Naturopathic Pharmacist will work with you to find the root cause of your symptoms and create a health-conscious approach to your nutrition and lifestyle to provide treatment and relief for underlying health conditions. Finding the right balance between your vitamin supplements, nutrients and any existing medications can help to alleviate stresses on the body that cause discomfort, relieve chronic aches or pains and even improve the balance of your body’s hormone and blood sugar levels.

Through a complete consultation and analysis with Dr. Mihaela Gruita, PharmD, a functional medicine diagnostician and research/clinical pharmacist,  clients can develop a more thorough understanding of their life style, diet and nutrition and how these affect their entire body, from autoimmune response to weight management.

Individual consultations are available for clients via virtual appointment. Following a comprehensive needs assessment, each patient receives a customized action plan to treat the cause of problems, with each client’s plan focused on addressing their own unique needs. Group workshops, classes and seminars are also available throughout the year to help provide support and further education.


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Happy, Fresh and Focused Woman

Are menstrual pain and irregularities your challenge?

Let the Naturopathic Pharmacist help.

At the end of this program you will:

No longer plagued by pain

  • Anticipate your period without the fear of pain
  • Be free of body aches and pains
  • Have headache-free days…and nights

Sleep through the night

  • You will wake up refreshed
  • Stay fresh and focused throughout the day

Restore your confidence

  • You will remember your words
  • You will lose weight