Happy Fresh Focused Woman Program

a three-month program

The time commitment

  • Initial session (90 minutes) includes nutrient, gut and hormone assessments
  • 10 x 30-minute weekly sessions
  • One “next-step evaluation” session

Total: 12 1-on-1 sessions

Plus 2 SOS Sessions/week via email/text

Each email or text must include one emergency question.


  1. Balance gut health
  2. Assess and address nutrient deficiencies
  3. Whole body/liver/detox
  4. Balance blood sugar/adrenals
  5. Balance hormones

The Additional Benefits

  1. ebook “5 Nutrients and Herbs That Improve Your Period Symptoms”
  2. Recipes- food for hormonal balance
  3. Handouts on processes covered
  4. Nutrient, gut and hormone assessments
  5. Lab interpretation (if applicable)

The investment: $1,497 plus cost of labs (if needed)