Medicine Cabinet Makeover

60 Minute In-Depth Assessment of your medicine cabinet to ensure drug safety

Look inside your cabinet. Find out which drugs might be causing you the troubles you experienced lately.  Find out what nutrient deficiencies they have caused.

If you are taking one or twenty drugs, the good news is: We can find out why, remove potential duplications and interactions.  We can bring things back into balance!

But first, we need to see exactly what’s going on.

My Medicine Cabinet Makeover package includes detailed evaluation of your drug and supplements list, lab testing evaluation and in-depth evaluation of your medical history.

You send me the drug and supplement list, any lab results you have, and fill out a medical history form.  After I spend some time with your information, we will schedule a time to discuss your Medicine Cabinet and your health, taking time to address any questions you might have.

You walk away with:

  • Important information about what’s happening in your body right now. (Because it’s empowering to have information instead of being in the dark!)
  • An action plan with specific steps to bring your body back into balance, and fix nutrient deficiencies…so you can reduce your unwanted symptoms, feel in control of your health, and all the while swallowing less pills!
  • Immediate relief, and peace of mind, knowing you’ve got a plan that will get things moving in the right direction.

The Medicine Cabinet Makeover package includes:

  • Important information about what’s happening in your body now
  • An action plan with specific steps to find the root cause of your original symptoms and current symptoms
  • Immediate relief and peace of mind knowing you’ve got a plan
  • 60-minute phone call or Zoom video meeting to discuss what’s lurking in your medicine cabinet, answer your questions, and discuss your action steps.
  • A written plan for you to implement. Additional coaching is available from me if you need help doing this.
  • If you agree to dig deeper and find the root-cause of your symptoms, and depending on when any prior labs were done, we may need to obtain a series of baseline bloodwork or other advanced functional tests to best compose a personalized plan going forward. 
  • Three optional 30-minute follow up meetings at 4-6 based on your needs after our consultation or when the lab results come back. These sessions are a reduced rate of $250 each.

“If you’re tired of trying everything only to feel worse, your search is over.  I went to an ENT to treat my allergies and acid reflux only to add to my misery.  I tried detox diets and multiple approaches to no avail.  Dr. Mihaela’s advice is not only to the point and effective but incredibly easy.  Honestly, I decided to try it out of desperation due to my issues, but to my blessed surprise, it not only helped me but I haven’t had any issues since.  I no longer wonder if her advice would work, I happily follow it because she goes to the root of the problem and fixes it or manages it without the long list of side effects.  I fully recommend her excellent practice!”

GLORIA BOYD – Virginia

Atmosphere of Comfort and Assurance

I’m not just a Doctor of Pharmacy and medication therapy management specialist. I’m also human and I care deeply about people and want to make sure they experience optimal health.

I am committed to provide an atmosphere of comfort and assurance, a safe space where you can bring up worries, or fears that are arising for you. Remember the goal is to address the root causes of disease and not just the symptoms. But we start by balancing your nutrition status so we can build on so that you may reach OPTIMAL health. 

Together we will remove obstacles to your optimal health. Whatever is blocking you from feeling your best, I’m here to help you clear those blocks. We can talk about your drugs and supplements but we can also talk about what worries you.  Stress and worry contributes to our health, of lack of.  No question or worry is insignificant.

If you’re ready to pursue optimal health, let’s get started. I’d love to work with you!

Purchase the full package (Initial session and two follow up sessions) and SAVE!


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