Naturopathy and Pharmacy

Friend or Foe?

“Alternative” can be a dirty word.  Division still exists between the students of Western medicine and Complementary or Alternative medicine, each passionate about their superiority and eager to spread a message of concern about the other.  As a patient, alternative therapy can mean uncertainty and worse, possible quackery. But this does not have to be the case if you find a trained practitioner that can help you find the best of both worlds.  

As a Pharmacist, my training was focused on evidence-based medicine, understanding pathophysiology of disease, memorization of countless pharmacotherapy details, and careful selection of the best prescription for whatever ails a patient.  We unfortunately did not spend much time in school on what to do if all of that fails. This is the point at which some detective work is needed to think outside of the box, investigate possible causes and look for rational solutions from nature and ancient cultures to combine the best of the best and create a customized treatment plan. 

Naturopathy is defined as a system of alternative medicine based on the theory that disease can be successfully treated or prevented by techniques such as control of nutrition, supplementation, exercise and other therapeutic methods.  

It is based on 6 basic principles centered on treating a whole human being, working to achieve balance, and reverse cause of disease instead of merely treating or suppressing symptoms.

More information about these 6 principles can be found at www.naturopathic.org.

This is my goal for you, to blend my knowledge of traditional pharmacotherapy with the wisdom nature and history has given us to look at cause, effect, treatment and prevention.  After all, there is more to be gained in finding commonalities and making friends than becoming enemies.

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