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Test. Don’t Guess!

The Naturopathic Pharmacist’s mantra is “Test! Don’t Guess”

Many symptoms can be slightly improved when guessing

But guessing, albeit an educated guess, can extend the time to resolution and increase frustration.




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The Naturopathic Pharmacist focuses on determining the root cause for all symptoms instead of using medications, even supplements, as a band aid. In order to accomplish this, state of the art laboratory testing is used. The Essentials Assessment Program used includes tests that evaluate gut health, sensitivity status, hormonal status, nutritional status, thyroid health status, cardiovascular health status, organic acid status and genetics.


Recommended Labs

Why do I need testing?

Along with the test ordered through Naturopathic Pharmacist, you will get a complimentary report and three recommendations to improve your results. You will have the option for a complimentary 20-minute call with the pharmacist to discuss your results.

DUTCH Testing

GI MapTest

LRA test

OAT test

SpectraCell test

Genetic test


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