Why LRA Test?


Perhaps you have been to your allergist and did tests that show no allergy to any foods.  Yet you know that certain foods/chemicals make you feel sick.  It’s also possible that you are completely unaware that some foods/chemicals make you feel sick.  This is called food sensitivity, as opposed to food allergy, and it employs a different part of the immune system.  Moreover, food/chemicals sensitivity presents symptoms days or even weeks after exposure, thus it is very hard to make the connection between them. 

A sensitivity test is highly recommended to discover hidden root causes to symptoms.

The test I recommend to test for delayed hypersensitivity is called LRA by ELISA/ACT.  This test avoids the limitations seen with those other tests.

There are other sensitivity tests on the market but none of those focus all 3 delayed hypersensitivity pathways.   LRA by ELISA/ACT tests are complete.

What’s included with this test:

  1. The LRA test result reports are individualized plans for implementing the LRA program successfully. Results reports include the following:                  
  • Detailed report identifying strong, moderate, and nonreactive items
  • Steps to Health handout with suggested approach to implementing the LRA program
  • Joy in Living: The Alkaline Way This patient friendly handbook helps patients understand why being acidic is harmful and the steps they can take to alkalinize. It also includes healthy, delicious alkaline recipes, tips for developing an immune tolerant diet, and healthy practices for mind and body.
  1. If the HAQ (Health Assessment Questionnaire) is submitted, the LRA results will also include a safe, effective, and personalized supplement plan with behavioral recommendations. This Questionnaire is included in the test kit and must be filled out and sent with the test kit.
  2. A individualized rotation diet can also be included upon request.
  3. Consultation with the Naturopathic Pharmacist upon request is available.

Who is this test for:

This test is for people suffering from the autoimmune variants or immune dysfunction symptoms and conditions.  Chronic autoimmune, immune dysfunction, and inflammatory problems deserve attention to their cause. LRA by ELISA/ACT™ (LRA) tests and interpretive treatment plans can be the key to unlocking the mystery of chronic illness.

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Cost: $800

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